Seminar at University of Melbourne

Louis gave a presentation at University at Melbourne hosted by Professor Deli Chen. Rewarded with a bottle of wine and a wonderful couple of meals! The wine was made by students under the supervision of viticulturists at Dookie campus of the University (around 210 km northeast of Melbourne). The wine is named after winemaker and lecturer Chris Barnes’ black Labrador Bert.

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Our logo unveiled

Welcome our logo designed by Charlotte Roberston, wonderful.

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Visit by Prof Chris Freeman

We hosted Chris Freeman (Bangor University) out to Moanatuatua peat bog

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How many languages can we speak?

Simple quizz of language diversity in the research group = 14

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Two new papers on bioreactors published from Femke’s PhD

Two papers one issue, great work, new findings

Rambags, F.; Tanner, C.C.; Schipper, L.A. (2019) Denitrification and anammox remove nitrogen in denitrifying bioreactors. Ecological Engineering. 138: 38-45.

Rambags, F.; Tanner, C.C.; Schipper, L.A. Stott, R. (2019) Bacteria and virus removal in denitrifying bioreactors: effects of media type and age. Ecological Engineering. 138: 46-53.

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Big congrats to Joss

It only seems like yesterday since he first arrived but today Joss submitted his PhD thesis. Great work and good luck for his Postdoc in northern peatlands.

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Mid-winter group celebration

Here we are with family and friends – a year older – at the Greenspace for our annual lunch gathering. What a beautiful day!

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RadioNZ interviews

Louis has had a regular interview spot on RadioNZ speaking with Bryan Crump on a range of soils topics:

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Plantain starting to show its face at Troughton fram

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Youtube video on soil carbon NZ pastures

Louis gave a talk on managing soil carbon in grazed pastures:

This was during the Climate change conference hosted by NZAGRC.

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