Louis Schipper and Dave Campbell

This website¬†summarises the research conducted by a team from the University of Waikato led by Dave Campbell, Louis Schipper and Tanya O’Neill. We collaborate closely on a variety of projects covering carbon exchange and budgets in pastures and wetlands.

Our focus is to use carbon budgets as an indicator of ecosystem sustainability and to identify ways in which to increase soil carbon content and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We also have an interest in nitrogen cycling and are specifically focused on manipulating environmental conditions to enhance microbial processes to reduce nitrate and nitrous oxide losses to water and the atmosphere, respectively.

Developing indicators of past nitrogen losses and cycling using stable isotopes is also under development.

Together with Vic Arcus, we are developing and testing new theories about how biological systems (from single enzymes to ecosystems) respond to changes in temperature with a specific focus on macro-molecular rate theory (MMRT).

On our webpage you can find:

Group photo 2019 (minus some folks who are busy researching, travelling, etc…)

group photo 2019

Group photo 2017 (minus some folks who are busy researching, travelling, etc…)


Group in 2016 (minus some folks who are busy researching, travelling, etc…)

13 april 2016

The team 2016

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