Another paper accepted from Mahdiyeh’s thesis

Two in a month – great work:

Salmanzadeh, M.; Schipper, L.A.; Balks, M.R.; Hartland, A.; Mudge, P.L. (in press) The effect of irrigation on cadmium losses from agricultural soils. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment.

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On the radio soil carbon

Louis had his second interview on Nights with Bryan Crump on soil carbon

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Two new paper Cd isotope and biological nitrification inhibitors

Congrats to Sheree and Mahdiyeh!

Salmanzadeh, M.; Hartland, A.; Stirling, C.; Balks, M; Schipper, L.A.,Chaitanya, J.; George, E.(in press)Long-term change in the cadmium isotopic composition of agricultural soil arising from phosphate fertilizer applications. Environmental Science & Technology.

Balvert, S.; Luo, J.; Schipper, L.A. (in press) Do glucosinolate hydrolysis products reduce nitrous oxide emissions from urine affected soil? Science of the Total Environment.

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Not all hard work

Workshop are not all hard work and presentations. Louis had dinner with participants at the Our Greener World climate change in Frost Hill near Bristol.

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Visit to North Wyke farm and Cirencester

Louis visited Jenni Dungait (Rothamsted) and David Hopkins (Royal Agricultural University) who are pictured at the head of the Thames river.

Also pictured is the Uley Long Barrow (Hetty Pegler’s Tump), a partially reconstructed Neolithic chambered mound at least 5,000 years old.

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Radio interview on nitrogen cycling in soil

Louis now has a slot every three months on RadioNZ Nights with Bryan Crump to talk about aspects of soil science. His first interview on nitrogen cycling on soils is here.

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Measuring the temperature dependence of soil repiration

Jasmine Robinson had a paper accepted in Biogeochemistry on a new method for measuring the temperature dependence of soil respiration!

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