Congrats to Jack Pronger

Now Dr Jack Pronger after a great PhD thesis defence.

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Successful thesis defence

Congrats to Dr Mahdiyeh Salmanzadeh for a successful PhD thesis defence!

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Louise Fisk – past member of WaiBER and stunt women

Very proud of Louise Fisk a former member of WaiBER who is a stunt women. Here she is the flaming ball on the right in a movie trailer about the NZ Mounted Rifles in WW1 over on the Western Front. Produced by Dayna Grant and Charlie Haskell. Hopefully coming to theater nearby.

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Our rather complicated eddy covariance site

Dave masters measuring gas fluxes again. One tower EC measuring methane and water using two different analysers for comparison. Also measuring carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

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Another paper accepted from Mahdiyeh’s thesis

Two in a month – great work:

Salmanzadeh, M.; Schipper, L.A.; Balks, M.R.; Hartland, A.; Mudge, P.L. (in press) The effect of irrigation on cadmium losses from agricultural soils. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment.

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On the radio soil carbon

Louis had his second interview on Nights with Bryan Crump on soil carbon

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Two new paper Cd isotope and biological nitrification inhibitors

Congrats to Sheree and Mahdiyeh!

Salmanzadeh, M.; Hartland, A.; Stirling, C.; Balks, M; Schipper, L.A.,Chaitanya, J.; George, E.(in press)Long-term change in the cadmium isotopic composition of agricultural soil arising from phosphate fertilizer applications. Environmental Science & Technology.

Balvert, S.; Luo, J.; Schipper, L.A. (in press) Do glucosinolate hydrolysis products reduce nitrous oxide emissions from urine affected soil? Science of the Total Environment.

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