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More MSc submissions!

In further excellent news: Charlotte Roberton and Hannah Dougherty submitted their MSc thesis also. Charlotte modelled options for reducing nitrate leaching on dairy farms identifying the important role that Plantain in the sward might play. Hannah used diffusive gradients through … Continue reading

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Congrats to Jacob

Great news Jacob submitted his MSc thesis today. Jacob measured methane emissions using eddy covariance and chambers.

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Marsden success for MMRT work

We were very excited to be awarded Marsden funding looking at the temperature response of the biosphere with our close collaborator Vic Arcus

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Seminar at University of Melbourne

Louis gave a presentation at University at Melbourne hosted by Professor Deli Chen. Rewarded with a bottle of wine and a wonderful couple of meals! The wine was made by students under the supervision of viticulturists at Dookie campus of … Continue reading

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Our logo unveiled

Welcome our logo designed by Charlotte Roberston, wonderful.

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Visit by Prof Chris Freeman

We hosted Chris Freeman (Bangor University) out to Moanatuatua peat bog

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How many languages can we speak?

Simple quizz of language diversity in the research group = 14

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