Farm scale nitrous oxide measurement



With funding from the University of Waikato and the NZAGRC, we  are measuring paddock scale emissions of nitrous oxide from a dairy farm. We are using the most recent detectors (from Aerodyne) aligned to eddy covariance measurements of carbon dioxide and water exchange.

We recently had an open day at the site that was reported by Newsroom.

Our long-term goal is to test different farming practices that maintain or enhance profitability while decreasing net greenhouse gas emissions (nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide). A poster summarising the first year of results is here: Poster_AGU_2017 N2O and was presented at the 2017 AGU fall meetings.

We have several questions to answer:

  1. How can we continuously measure nitrous oxide emissions at paddock scale?
  2. What are the temporal dynamics of nitrous oxide fluxes and do these fluxes match with previous chamber based measurements and estimated emission factors?
  3. Can we develop simple paired-treatment approaches that allow us to compare different farm management practices?

We are collaborating with AgResearch who are running adjacent chamber based measurements of nitrous oxide emissions in conjunction with  Anne Wecking’s PhD project..