General New Zealand soil’s information

S-MAP S-map is the new national soils database pulled together by Landcare Research which is well worth having a look through – what soils are on your land? Still developing but clear and easy to use.

NZ soils An excellent overview of New Zealand soils with plenty of easy-to-understand explanations, photos and diagrams. Developed by Waikato Regional Council.

Soil quality assessment This is a great website for determining quality or health of soils based on a number of easily measured soil properties. Developed by Landcare Research.

Great overview of the importance of soil in our lives

Three short videos:

Educational materials for school kids/teachers

Great teaching resources for New Zealand teachers/school kids at the Science Learning hub with specific pages on soil science and farming and the water cycle.

A group of students used these resources to measure soil quality at a number of sites in Hamilton and created a website here.

A link sent to us from Emilia and Lisa that also has a lot of neat information about soil is here.


New Zealand Society of Soil Science  – Soil Science in New Zealand
Soil Science Society of America – Soil Science in the US
American Geophysics Union

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