Random photos from the team and department

waiber social gathering 8 july 2019

WaiBER social gathering  2019

2018-06-10_WaiBER-social-gathering_16 JUne 2018

Waiber lunch  at Greenspace 2018

jasmine birthday cake

Jasmine’s birthday cake

Not quite a research cake but to celebrate Jasmine’s birthday she brought in her own cake. Four different cakes layered!

More photos from field days 2015

Femke and Sophie talk with the VC

Femke and Sophie talk with the VC

Soil carbon debate at field days

Soil carbon debate at field days

Seeing double at Field days

louis and jack

Femke at Field Days

femke at field days

Hot volcanic soils field trip (NZSSS annual conference 2014) expertly led by Professor David Lowe

field trip hot volcanics

Aaron being inspected by the chickens during grass harvesting

aaron and the chickens 2014-07-16 11.24.02

Olivia and the Prime Minister at Field Days

Uni Fieldays 0033

Doreen and Nadia in Jeju, Korea while attending the World Congress of Soil Science

doreen and Nadia in Korea

Main equation for macromolecular rate theory (MMRT) on a cake.

cake equation

What we really do…

Dr Paul Mudge after his oral exam, note on the left is Paul Mudge MSc student

Recent sampling visit to Karaka denitrification bed by Louis, Anna, Alex and Charlie

Anna, Alex and Charlie collecting wood chips from a 6 year old denitrification bed

Louis visited Mark David – pictured here at the famous Morrow plots University of Illinois

Sam McNally takes soil and root sampling seriously

Dave looking relaxed at the start of his sabbatical, along with his friend Jasper, hiking in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Eddy Covariance tower at Troughton Farm

Ex-lab member, Louise Fisk makes a cake at the University of Western Australia

Our team at Kopuatai

Jordan checking the CSAT

Jordan and Dave looking at the data

Catherine and Dean downloading data from Solinst levelogger

Brendon Welten’s new field trial

New installation at Kopouatai

Dean’s new invention being installed at the Kopouatai bog

Adventurous MSc students scale Mt Taranaki to see the sun rise!

MSc field assignment on a windy day

A windy day for a field assignment

  Field trip to peat bog

Geko invades our field site

Auckland green gecko (Naultinus elegans) found by Dave Campbell


Below are a couple of Dorodongo which are simply made from soil dried and compressed by hand, if you want to see how they are made just search the web – there are plenty of  videos/pictures of them

Dorodango made from iron oxide

Dorodango made from Horotiu topsoil

Summer of 2010 in the lab

                                                                         While Louise Fisk was in the lab over summer,  this creation developed over the whiteboard. Contributions came from anyone who came through the lab, including academics, technicians, students and the cleaner.

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